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    "Filecamp has been a dream come true."
    Filecamp has been a dream come true. It is easy to navigate and makes finding the exact photo you need a quick search. We used to waste so much time trying to figure out where someone saved their photos and how they labeled them. Even employees with low levels of computer skills were able to understand Filecamp and utilize it immediately. It fit into our budget too! Filecamp has made me into the office hero. Thanks!

    Kelly Morris, Vacutech, LLC

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    "...without the hefty price tag of current systems available."

    Filecamp is a fantastic DAM solution for small business clients that need digital asset management without the hefty price tag of current systems available.

    Rob McCarty, The Image Shoppe

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    Works "out of the box”, easy to set up, modify and maintain.
    We have 7000 assets that are changed regularly. Filecamp allows us to have a live cloud-based platform that our 2000 customers can easily access “live” information. It has recently been improved and provides much better value than more expensive clunky systems. Very happy customer!

    James Robinson, HORWOOD

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    "Filecamp has been the perfect platform for us..."
    Our company spent considerable time searching for a perfect platform for our needs in media sharing while remaining password protected. Filecamp has been the perfect platform for our communications to representatives, writers, and marketing partnerships.

    Kevin Wilkerson, Weatherby, Inc.

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    "It provides flexibility, functionality and all the tools we need..."
    FileCamp has become an invaluable resource for all of our staff and clients. It provides flexibility, functionality and all the tools we need to store, share and work with our business files and imagery.

    Paul Dunkerley, Creative Mojo Ltd

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    "Amazing program and great support"
    Filecamp is a fantastic solution, easy to use, and cost-efficient. We love the file-sharing function, which allows us to collaborate on files for marketing projects with our partners and customers.

    Torsten Schweizer, SPORLASTIC

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    "The user-friendliness and configuration options are big pluses of Filecamp!"
    As a sports shop formula, sharing content is crucial. New product releases, marketing campaigns, and inspirational content are all being distributed through Filecamp and within hands reach for our entrepreneurs. The user-friendliness and configuration options are big pluses of Filecamp!

    Thijn de Bont, SPORT 2000

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    "It’s easy to use, safe, and reliable ..."
    We have used Filecamp for over three years on a daily basis and we love it. It’s easy to use, safe, and reliable.

    Niklas Mossvik, Stenbeck Partners

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    “It is a great easy solution for startups!”
    It is a great easy solution for startups! The application has many enterprise features. The customer support is excellent!!! They are very responsive to any questions that you may have. I highly recommend this Online Media Management System.

    Angelo Rombley, BEO Studios

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    "... and you were able to offer a solution that wasn’t over-developed and unnecessarily complex."
    We have very much enjoyed using Filecamp. It easy to use, reliable and you were able to offer a solution that wasn’t over-developed and unnecessarily complex. Thank you!

    Ned Jennison, Tata Harper Skincare

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    "FileCamp has streamlined our asset sharing process and allowed us to increase our productivity levels."
    For a business like ours where we rely on external accounts to promote our brand to their audiences, FileCamp has provided a simple & effective way to ensure the integrity of our brand remains withheld. By providing a platform that is so easily managed at an administrator level and is intuitive for our users, FileCamp has streamlined our asset sharing process and allowed us to increase our productivity levels.

    Pip Kirkwood, Brooksrunning

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    "Filecamp has been an indispensable tool in working with our global clients."
    The ease of use and intuitive interface has made Filecamp a critical tool in working with clients all over the world. It has been fast, reliable and flexible and a hit with all our customers.

    Donald P. Dickey, RJAgency

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    "Easy to use for everyone"
    DGI Byen highly recommends Filecamp. We are a big organization where many different employees have to use the system and therefore it is very important for us that everyone can join in and use it without problems – and here Filecamp is extremely user-friendly. Other than that we have only experienced good customer service the few times we have had questions about the system. Great recommendation from us.

    Cathrine Baastrup Christensen, DGI Byen

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"I’d definitely recommend Filecamp to anyone looking for a file sharing or digital asset management platform!"
Filecamp has allowed my team and those we collaborate with internally and externally to share all formats of files seamlessly. It has streamlined our file sharing and digital asset management system, keeping us organized and increasing productivity. The ability to adjust permission levels for users and to customize folder access for individuals has been extremely useful.

Alexa Corcoran, VF Corporation (VFC)

"Easy to use, easy to control …"
Filecamp gives us the perfect platform for managing secure access to assets, ensuring that our team know exactly where to find the most current version, but also which assets are available to our partners. Building Filecamp into our daily workflow was a smooth and easy process, and makes the sharing of assets a much slicker and more efficient part of that workflow. With file level or folder level access controls for both team members and external partners, we have peace of mind, as well as ease of use. I’d highly recommend Filecamp.
"Thank you Filecamp, we highly recommend it!"
Filecamp has been the perfect media management tool for our corporation. Before Filecamp, we had company photos, logos, marketing materials, documents, and videos all over the place. Employees didn’t know where to reliably access our materials and were left often using outdated images and documents. Filecamp’s design is easy to use for both administrators and users. Having our media organized and accessible from one place will (and has already) greatly improved our company’s operations … and all of this for a fair price. Thank you Filecamp, we highly recommend it!

Morgan Heinrichs, ANDE





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